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Since 1983, The Handlebar has always been known as the home for Pensacola’s Music Scene.
Now in its third rendition, The Handlebar continues to stand behind that message. Music is a unifier among people from numerous walks of life. Music helps us escape the moment and connect with both friends and strangers. The Handlebar has reopened its doors to make sure that Pensacola always has a place to experience underground & alternative music.
Our venue is a focused blend of the old and new. Our historical brick walls and steel beams are paired with a brand new bar with substantial offerings, an upgraded sound and lighting system, an enhanced patio entranceway, and four revamped bathrooms to create a pleasing atmosphere where you can enjoy going to shows and hanging out to the fullest.
The Handlebar extends beyond its walls and into the community, connecting its music diehards with its bar regulars. We are the place for everyone, especially those who don’t (or don’t want to) fit the mold. The Handlebar gave us all memories years ago and we want to continue giving our community lasting memories for years to come.
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A photo of The Handlebar, a historic bar in Pensacola, Florida.

The Start

Deloris Pierce the owner of DEE'S family was a French Creole family out of New Orleans. Her father, Abe Pierce owned Abe's 506 and The Saber Club. Lee, Tom, and Jim would come and hang out,  and she offered to sell it to them... and that's how the Handlebar started.

The Fire

In the early morning hours of April 11, 2001, a fire gutted the HandleBar's historic brick building.


A lot of help from a lot of great people! 20 months later we reopened with Lowell Husband and new Co-Owner. Previously partitioned into three separate rooms, the building now has no interior walls.

Closed Down

In November 2018, the popular venue suddenly, and permanently closed... or so we thought!

Present Time

New owners, Kathy Sandstrom and Chris McKean, worked with manager Robert Goodspeed and reopened after almost 4 years closed, with a full remodel. The attendee entrance is now through the outdoor courtyard, on Belmont St. and boasts a full liquor license.

Venue Hours

Wednesday  - Sunday
4pm - til
319 N Tarragona St
Pensacola, FL 32502


319 N Tarragona St
Pensacola, FL 32502
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